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Stevens Cemetery Memorials


Cemetery Lettering

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Cemetery lettering is a service provided to families that already have a monument at the cemetery. Often times, families have their monuments set while they are still alive, to make the event of their passing easier on their loved ones. In these cases, dates and names are added at the cemetery when the time comes.

We will guide you through the process to be sure the accurate information is gathered before the lettering is added. Once we have determined the existing format we are happy to provide a proposal for the work.

Cemetery Maintenance

Maintenance Maintenance

As with anything we hold dear to us, our family monument will need to be cared for and cleaned. Over time the earth may move beneath it and it may require adjustments for leveling or rising. Sometimes the concrete foundation needs to be repaired or replaced. Often times monuments are installed without foundations and one needs to added to prevent settling or being movement due to winter frost in the ground.

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