Thomas A. Stevens Cemetery MemorialsThomas A. Stevens Cemetery MemorialsThomas A. Stevens Cemetery Memorials
Thomas A. Stevens Cemetery Memorials

Bronze & Granite Plaques

Cast Plaques

Cast Plaques
Distinction. Heritage. Prestige.

These are the elements that shine through in every inch of a cast plaque. They’re also the qualities that you’ll project – no other product matches the permanence and beauty of a cast bronze or aluminum plaque. We can create cast plaques to every one of your unique specifications – from design and development to fabrication and installation.

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Whether you need to design a tribute to an individual or group, identify a building or area, or represent an entire organization, no other product can match the artistry and stability of a cast plaque.

Etched Plaques

Etched Plaques

When you need to convey your message in a distinct, memorable fashion—and maintain its integrity for years to come—etched plaques are the optimal solution.

Produced by deep photo-etching graphic images into metal sheets, etched plaques are ideal for images with fine detail and small lettering. The time-tested etching process provides an exact reproduction of artwork and, depending on metal selection, is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Turnkey custom capabilities ensure that your plaques are manufactured to your specific needs.

ADA Compliance

ADA-compliant etched Braille, Raster Braille, and tactile lettering is available, with easy etching to almost any depth and unparalleled line detail.

Laser Etchings On Granite

Granite Etching

Today’s applications of granite are extremely broad. Starting with the most common use, monumental works, granite has branched out into a variety of different uses. Laser etchings bring a whole new dimension for design.

Granite around the house is a growing element of home design & decor. With granite house plaques, wall murals, floor murals, granite backsplashes, and a variety of engraved gifts, our engraving services bring custom laser engraving and photo engraving directly to you. From house welcome plaques and granite cutting boards to marble wine sleeve’s and wall and floor murals, there is something for everyone.

Photo engraving, whether it’s a laser etching of a family member, a beloved pet or just a favorite picture, is a unique way to showcase your artistic taste.

If you are looking for something different, possibly a photo engraving of your pet, or a custom laser engraving of a trip to Italy that you would like as a granite backsplash in your kitchen, our engraving services will help bring your vision to reality.


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